CRM Strategy


Sales and marketing have a wide scope all across the globe in every organization. It has outgrown so much that it needs tools and resources to manage it. Also, it is such a critical domain that requires accuracy and precision while handling.

Our Sales and Marketing solutions help in automating the sales function of your business. It provides a system to manage your sales team the way you want. The sales team can identify the leads based on interest or criticality and then convert it to an opportunity. You always have easy access to the latest data.

Also, the marketing software solution applies marketing techniques to improve profitability. All it does is to identify, process and satisfy customers.

Business Technology & Strategy
  • Customer 360 view and retention strategy for existing customers, based on data insights.
  • Real-time data insights for Sales, Collections, A/R and stock.
  • Improve Sales effectiveness , to have sales teams spent more time with customer and less on reports.
  • Improve Sales forecast , identify external factors impacting sales , purchase history and transactional data.
  • Reduce cost and improve operation efficiency with process improvements in Sales, purchase, logistics and financials.
  • Process improvement in areas of customer profile.
Key Areas of Transformation
  • Sales : Improve Sales effectiveness with real time data and 360 view of customer
  • Sales : E-ordering – Enable customers to place order s online.
  • Marketing: Enable marketing with customer segmentation, campaigns and digital marketing
  • Marketing : Track Marketing funds vs actual spent in industry events, etc
  • Data Insights : Empower everyone with real-time data across sales, purchase, marketing & finance departments for informed decision making
  • Change management : Bring about culture change within the organization , with new development programs , to align with corporate goals.
Business value to Customers through business technology
Ensure ROI for the technology interventions and investments
Employee Empowerment through data driven decisions