Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Program Management

Organizations all over the world are facing disruption from greater global competition, changing market demands and accelerated technological advances, recognize the need for robust, customer-centric digital strategies.

Companies need to be more flexible to adapt quickly to changes. As a result, many companies these days are moving towards project management, a strategy which offers enough flexibility and coordination in order to turn their business models into competitive machines.

A company’s digital transformation can become a messy and troublesome process, a response to business or operational problems without having any leadership or any results. In order to tackle this risk, there is a need for a control mechanism that allows for managing the change.

We at BizTechnovations offer you a specially designed and carefully crafted transformation program management service that helps you implement a consistent and efficient transformation road map.

Digital Transformation Program
Execution Plan
DT Objectives
Re-active to Pro-active Approach in all actions.
Connect To active Organization Digitally.
Empower Eployees To Make Informed Decision.
Program Execution Approach
Program Planning
  • Conceptualization
  • Refined Objective
  • Project Team
  • Program Plan
Evaluation Of DT
  • Technology evaluation
  • Software Management
  • Implementation/Training
  • Enterprise solution
Program Discovery
  • Capture ASIS process
  • Capture TOBE process 
  • Prepare CRM Strategy
  • Prepare BRD address
Development Of DT
  • Technical architecture
  • High level design
  • Integration Architecture
  • Configuration check list
Business value to Customers through business technology
Ensure ROI for the technology interventions and investments
Employee Empowerment through data driven decisions