Engagement Responsibility
  • Identify the quick wins
  • Engage with business units to capture/analyse/realize the functional requirements/Objectives
  • Define and Deliver DT strategy roadmap
  • Take Ownership on all technology initiatives
  • Optimize IT investments to deliver high results
Design and Deliver business technology initiatives
  • Conceptualization
  • Technology evaluation
  • Program planning and Execution
  • Management of Software/Implementation/Training Partners
  • Monitoring projects till ROI Realization
  • Single point of contact for all technology initiatives
Industry Facts
Decreased productivity due to scattered information across multiple department systems, Reduced visibility on customer insights.
Disconnect process, Unstructured Data capture mechanism, Technology-driven business process, Data Consolidation, System integration.
The system enabled End to End Process tracking on every business functions, System & data-driven approach on guidelines for process improvement
Reduction in potential of a profit leakage through valuable data insights, Increase in operational efficiency through connected process.
Need Of The Hour
Business value to Customers through business technology
Ensure ROI for the technology interventions and investments
Employee Empowerment through data driven decisions